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I’m Cleo, a 27yo Australian who loves travelling and being outdoors. I spend my weekends hiking, trail running, climbing and cycling – getting out into nature whenever I can. That being said, for work I am a public servant in agriculture/environment policy. I have BSci (natural resource management) and MFES (Masters of Forest Ecosystem Science).

I love travelling abroad (before COVID!), play the piano and ukulele, and am a values-driven person. I am a friendly and smiley human but I often find myself deep in thought and do enjoy time alone for reflection and rest. I’ve never done WWOOFing or worked on a farm before really, but I am enthusiastic and excited to learn new skills.

Why I joined WWOOF

My work and studies shed an insight into why I want to start WWOOFing. I am passionate about sustainable resource management and agriculture but have spent most of my career at a desk.

I am itching to get outdoors and gain some practical skills and experience on the land. I grew up in the Hunter Valley and have fond memories of riding quad bikes, milking cows, and collecting eggs on friends’ farms.

I’ve had a bit of experience in tree planting, floral data collection and habitat assessments through my degree.

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