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    2 acres in tiny town being slowly converted from old grazing land into a bountiful and beautiful food production garden. Animals include milking goats and rabbits, with ducks, chooks and bees on the way. That’s the goats that get milked, not the rabbits!

    I am learning about permaculture and soil rehabilitation as I go so it is a work in progress and I am open to suggestions. I have an excellent reference library pertaining to food production, preservation, and animal husbandry.

    The property is a half hour drive from the nearest largish town and as such is pretty isolated despite being on the outskirts of the village. There are plenty of interesting places to visit locally for hiking or climbing.

    The veggie garden is always being expanded as fast as I can create proper soil conditions for growth. I am an easy going relatively laid back middle aged retired female looking to keep creating something beautiful and practical and I find that I need a set of strong young legs to assist in my goals of a sustainable micro farm. I am really interested in composting techniques and my hope is to leave the land better than I found it for future generations to enjoy.

    I have German shepherd dogs and they are inside/outside dogs so any visitors must be comfortable with large slobbery hounds underfoot.

    According to my son I am not the best cook so be warned. However, I believe that opinion to based on his city habits of ordering in from a variety of home delivery services available in Melbourne so I can see how my cooking would be boring in that light.  I am proficient enough in nutritious foods like lentils, curry (I love curries!) seasonal veggie soups with home made spiced chicken broth, spag bowl and various stir fry vegetable dishes.  And omelettes.

    Seasonal organic food will be available from the garden and I like to experiment with what I produce. Sometimes meal times can be a bit weird but what’s life without a bit of challenge! You are more than welcome to teach me your favourite dishes. Hopefully the local markets will reopen soon in regional Victoria so I can access supplemental fresh farm produce again.

    Organic/Biological methods we use

    I am trying to keep a closed system as much as possible.  Everything goes back into the garden and everything is connected. Everything should have a place and a purpose even if all the non edible flowers I grow simply make me happy to look at them.  I like to try new methods based on traditional methods as well as science. A lot of the time I am making it up as I go based on something I have read or seen.

    The soil here is clay, soggy and claggy in winter and dry, dusty and hard as a rock in summer.  It is old grazing land and very compacted in places.  Since I moved in I have been rehabilitating the soil with compost and rabbit manure layered with straw and have achieved some wonderful success with turning a sterile environment full of boring grass and weeds to a healthy and flourishing mini ecosystem.  The Earthworms are everywhere, fat and happy, the birds are even happier and fatter.

    The orchard has been enclosed ready for the chooks to work their magic and the duck pond has been dug, lined and is currently filling up with all the glorious rain we have had lately. I practice a farming method best described as informed intuition with my little farm and so far have been mostly successful.  I like to let things find their happy places so they don’t need too much attention or interference to be their best.

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    1 WWOOFer

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    3-7 days, 1-2 weeks, 2-4 weeks, Longer stays by negotiation, Whatever suits


    In Our Home, BYO Accommodation

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    No Smoking Inside, Children allowed by arrangement

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    Share most meals, Share cooking, Food provided, cook your own

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    Mixed meals, some meat, some vegetarian

    Work and Study Remotely here

    Work and Study Remotely here by arrangement

    Why I became a WWOOF Host

    I live and work my property on my own after deciding to separate from the consumer rat race and find a better way to live. Some like minded company, especially people with curious and inventive minds, would be a welcome addition. I don’t want a permanent house mate but would really enjoy connecting with people with a sustainable vision of how the world should be.

    Getting older sucks but I’m honest enough to admit that I need some help with heavy things and building things especially when there can be mutual benefit to both parties. I have so many ideas on how to do things better but I really need an extra set of hands. It would be fabulous to pass on the things that I have learned and to learn from others interested in the same goals.



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