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There I am with the first pumpkins I ever grew 🙂 Currently working fulltime in Brissie, and would love to visit like-minded folk for a short weekend stay to help out with your chores and soak up some inspiration. Although I can’t drive manual, real Aussie farmers have complimented my work ethic in activities like cement mixing, pulling weeds all day, driving the AUTO tractor 😉 and helping make hay bales in the heat of summer. Love animals, cooking, gardening. I’m also very good at reading and writing. More than happy to help out with kids’ homework, website marketing, etc. I’m tidy, responsible and considerate. Get along with a broad range of personality types. Have my own car. Drop me a line if you think it would be mutually uplifting 🙂

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AMAZING opportunity to connect with like minds and learn from those more experienced. Interested in meeting anyone making serious ongoing efforts at OFF GRID and/or PERMACULTURE, and willing to share their knowledge. If you are off grid, would love to see your setup and learn how and why you did it. Interested in listening to whatever wisdom you have to share. Interested in learning ANY sort of old fashioned sufficiency skills :-).

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