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Christian Dijkman

A 22 year old outdoor instructor/opportunist currently traveling Asia & Australia in the search for life changing experiences. Growing up in a small dutch farmers town called Eibergen, you would always find me doing sports or roam the countryside in search for adventures. During this time i discovered my passion for being outside with fun people and animals, which then lead me to studying outdoor sports & education. While studying i would take trips to France, Germany and Belgium working at summer camps or campsites as an outdoor sport instructor and entertainer. This is where my passion for culture, learning new skills and traveling flourished (and my love for food oh my god)

As a person i’m pretty easy going in smaller groups of people.  I love to listen and thrive on deep conversations, talking and learning about subjects people are passionate about. I’d say i am hard and passionate worker, who doesn’t shy away from long days or physical work. I love the process of learning a new skill and putting al your available time and energy in a project to hone that skill.

You can reach me at : or feel free to give me a ring on : 0459935136


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Why I joined WWOOF

I love Experiencing cultures and learning new skills, which has always been my main motivation for traveling. I want to keep expanding my skill set and live and learn amongst other like minded people, and i think the best place to start getting these amazing experiences is by joining a WWOOF host in Australia.

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