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    Our Property is located 35km from Mudgee, NSW. We are currently in the process of setting up as many food gardens as possible with raised beds as well as general cleanup on the land. The cleanup of the land includes leaves and wood. Most of the material will be used for composting, however, we will also be maximizing on the usage of each- ie, we will use some good wood for burning or milling down the track. Nothing is to be wasted and everything is to be put to use for whatever it may be used for. I and my wife invite friendly people to join us to achieve this. We have a beautiful home made entirely from rock and wood with plenty of room for visitors. We do offer extensive knowledge on food and health and longevity- not the stuff they try to sell you- the real deal. Our aim, down the track, is to also build small Yurts for future visitors and to grow our property to be a place to visit for all woofers and travelers.

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    Our only method for growing food is the Permaculture method- totally naturally.

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