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Myself (Christina) and my partner Marc are travelling around Australia with our three boys, Tjala (11), Marley (9) and Koa (1). We have given up our jobs and routine lifestyle for an adventure but we don’t just want a big holiday, we are looking to learn more about Australia and all the wonderful people living here. We are passionate about many things but especially the environment and our health and are very excited to learn more about growing our own food and help those doing exactly that! Marc is a primary school teacher and I am a midwife and alongside these jobs we have always made time to grow our own vegetables as much as possible. We try to raise our boys consciously with an understanding of the world around them, things like where their food comes from, our impacts on the earth and on each other and taking charge of our own health. Both older boys are keen workers and are very excited to have the opportunity to contribute whilst wwoofing. We are are fun loving family and very easy to get along with, we have our own caravan and apart from a toilet we are self sufficient. We look forward to meeting you, learning from you and getting to see the beautiful places you call home!

Why I joined WWOOF

We joined wwoofing as an opportunity to learn more about organic farming and other skills and to meet people who are doing this. We want to contribute to the world around us and not just consume. We love growing our own food and being outdoors. We also want to teach our children the importance of growing your own food, caring for the land and working together with others to create amazing things!

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Christina Meyer

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Aust/NZ Citizen

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Marc Rosenstein





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New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia


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