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I’m on a DSP pension and have never been able to go on holidays. I’ve always wanted to be involved in primary production. I still live at home at the age of 42. have been on pension since age of 24 but in that time I helped look after my nephew from infancy to the age of 16 when he passed away which was only 2016.

I am looking to better my life, Currently do an hour of volunteer work once a fortnight and need to increase my social circle!

I attended rehab (alcohol) around June 2019 which involved a 4 hour work period in the morning then groups in the afternoon to which I managed to attend all requirements of rehab.

Now after moving back home have grown a little lazy again so looking at the lighter aspects of rural life! I have strong interests in egg production at first, before moving on to more intense labouring, my dad used to have chickens when I visited on weekends when I was a child and always wondered what it would be like to make a living off chickens, but also willing to do other types of work to start with but not tooo physical to start.

I like the social side of rehab and got along with most people there and now at home again have not really got that socialisation in my life.

My mum is in verge of retirement and is unsure how or where she wants to retire to. Maybe if WWOOFing is good possibly I could convince her of a sea change and start a hobby farm, of which brings me here to find out what sort and what being a good host would be like as in work involved and results you could get.

Since giving up alcohol I have lost 20kg and am a current smoker and limit my alcohol intake if any! Definitely not booze everyday anymore. I may need time of to get an injection once per month which is why I am wanting to stay in WA for at least a while and build up references although with enough notice I can get my injection transferred.

I have a drivers licence and a car! I probably would not drive to Broome but should be suitable enough for the southwest of WA

Why I joined WWOOF

I’m joining WWOOF to hopefully get some experience on what farm life is like, learn new skills and hopefully make it more common in my life as there must be more to life than what I’m currently doing now.

Also meeting like minded people is very appealing. Working for board and lodging is very appealing and makes seeing more of my country a reality.

Speak to hosts and work out the social side of stuff required as well as possibly becoming a host!

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