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I’ve lived in the Northern Territory for nearly 30 years, I have 5 acres in the Darwin rural area where I built my own house, open design, outside shower, composting toilet, no air-con. There are a few mango trees, bananas, paw paws etc.

My son left Darwin for Brisbane to go to uni a year or so ago, so I’ve rented my place out and have been traveling and working both within Australia and overseas since then.

I’ve worked as a nurse intermittently for the last 20 years but have also traveled and done alot of building and landscaping during this time.

My son and I walked the Appalachian trail in the US in 2018, all 3500km of it. I’m currently riding a bicycle from Broome to Cairns and am in the Gulf region and hope to finish this adventure in a couple of weeks, ie mid September.

I’d like to see what grows in the lovely FNQ reqion and spend a bit of time away from the busy streets of Cairns in a rural setting where I can keep being physically active, learn a thing or two and help someone realise their dream.

I eat meat occasionally but am happy to go without, I don’t drink, smoke or carry on anymore, I practice Vipassana meditation on a daily basis and I try not to take anything too seriously including myself.

Why I joined WWOOF

I’ve always been interested in living off the land and one day would like to have a go a semi self sufficiency myself. I’m not sure if Darwin is the place to do this because of the poor soils, very dry Drys and the sometimes torrential Wets.

I did two WWOOFing placements in the US and enjoyed it very much.

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Christopher John Binks

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