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    Hello There! Im a 25 year old american backpacker who has been in Australia for almost a year now. I’ve spent most of my time in the country working on a commercial watermelon farm in the Northern Territory. My main responsibility was planting. There was only one planting team composed of 4 people, including myself. Over the course of 8 months we planted roughly 700 hectares of melon seedlings… which is something I’m very proud of 🙂 I also was involved with maintaining our seedling nursery, assessing plant health, checking for pests and disease, applying fungicides, and for determining the success of the week’s planting.

    I can do basic repairs on irrigation systems, and have logged hundreds of hours of weeding. I am a farmer at heart. I grew up on a homestead, and have experience in tending to chickens, ducksgoats, horses, and other exotic pet (reptiles, insects, and small mammals).  I have previous experience working on a flower farm, and have done a wide variety of projects while employed there such as seeding, weeding, planting, flower harvesting, netting, installing drip irrigation lines, operating a variety of small farm equipment, composting, fertilizing, and winterizing the farm at the end of the season.

    I have also worked on a guest ranch, where I spent a lot of time riding and learning about horses. I have experience using chainsaws to clear away fallen trees, and using a log splitter or a sledgehammer and wedge to split and stack firewood.

    I absolutely love being out and in nature, and am not shy around dirt, bad weather, or bugs. I love all animals, if a croc would let me pet it, I would. I am accustomed to a 10-12hr day. So I can easily have a very productive 5-8 hour shift with plenty of energy to spare. I learn quickly and I take instruction well, and am always excited to learn new skills.

    Whatever you need done, I am willing to do! – Chloe

    Why I joined WWOOF

    One of the most valuable things when you’re traveling is local knowledge. I joined WWOOF as a way to find my way into local communities throughout my travels, as well as gain new skills and understanding on sustainability, and where food comes from.

    I am excited to learn the ways of sustainable farming and homesteading, all while making valuable  connections along the way.

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