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Chiaki Nishihara

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Thank you for reading about me. My name is Chiaki Nishihara. I’m 21 years old Japanese and live in Tokyo with my parents and a cat. You know, my city was chosen to host the Olympics in 2020. My hobby is playing the piano and violin. I’m currently a third year student at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, studying applied biological science. I study about organic chemistry, Food science, medical science and so on. Research in my department is directed towards elucidating the activity of a molecule, a cell, an individual organisms and Biological communities, towards clarifying a series of activities of their interactions and Biological functions. It is also directed toward contributing to the advancement of life science. I can speak Japanese and English. English is not perfect, but I can have a daily conservation and am currently making effort to improve my English. I have confidence in my physical strength. At homestay in WWOOF, I want to contribute to the farm by my physical strength and vigorousness. From now on, I intend to go to some countries though WWOOF, such as Canada, Sweden and so on. And I’m searching for the farmer who approve my visit Australia from about September 2021, for 3 months. A little earlier, but I would appreciate your consideration. Thank you 🙂

Why I joined WWOOF

For my further study, I am interested in studying about Food Allergy. I’m also became interested in agriculture field through my classes with practical lessons. All the most, I LOVE food, animals, humans and being in nature. This is the reasons why I decided to join the WWOOF. In Australia, I want to learn about various agriculture such as dairy, livestok farming, vegitable growing and so on. I’m also interested in organic agriculture in this coutry.

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Chiaki Nishihara

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Tourist Visa





Country of Origin

Tokyo, Japan

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Aust Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria


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