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Charly Garcia

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I’m Charly Garcia, 31 Years Old,

I lived in France near Paris and was a Process Engineer for a famous automotive Brand, behind a computer. My daily life was to have 2.5 hours of transport, works for an undetermined number of hours, and then go back and enjoy the little time or sleep.
I spent my holidays by travelling mostly by car in France, I love to travel and meet new people.

After several years working, I reached the former limit for PVT in Australia, my heart was uneasy with this deadline and I jumped on the last opportunity for this adventure. So now I’m coming in Australia, my biggest adventure, to discover you … and myself 🙂

I wish to discover your way of life, what you think about the world, what is your concern and compare it to the French concern. I want to breath fresh air. I’m curious, I like to ask many question, I like manual work and also IT work like installing new software, explain how to switch on a computer and how to use Excel. I love reading books and manga, I try to improve my cinema knowledge. I’d like also to improve my french-english which is not that bad for a French, but is far from good for a worldwide standard.

So this experience is for me the chance to put my twenty’s into perspective, and start my thirty’s on the right foot. I wish that this resume about myself makes you curious to know me a bit more, and that we will be able to have good conversation around a table 🙂 I hope to see you soon !!

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined Woof in order to start my Aussie trip by I think the most important, connect with local people and be able to discover there way of life, there passions and there works. I’d like to discover a farm life which is a big gap compare to my former daily life.

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