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Hello! My name is Callie, I’m 18 and from New Jersey in the USA. I love cats, hiking, and getting a little lost. I currently am taking a year off from school before I begin university because I believed I needed to actually see some of the world before I could successfully study it in books. My school had a farm where I picked up some skills and I’ve WWOOFed before in other countries, gaining experience with goats, cows, planting, and odd jobs around the farm. When I’m not working, I like to explore wherever I am and meet as many people as possible

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I’m travelling with WWOOF in order to learn about sustainable and organic farming in different parts of the world, travel, and learn about places by actually living there. My work at school got me interested in both the actual work of and the politics/economics of farming and how people actually live on farms, and I knew the best way to learn was to experience the lifestyle for myself. Also, I’ve always been a terrible tourist and preferred meeting people and working somewhere rather than just go from museum to museum.

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Callie Durso-Finley

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