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I’m pretty easy going, and relaxed, although i have never really been big on lounging about, so i have a lot of hobbies. I’m really into making things, i would say im a pretty proficient home-brewer, gardener, and cook, but i also dabble in fermented foods, cheese ( although i stopped due to concerns about the environmental impact), mushrooms (im new to this and still working it out) , painting, pottery, guitar and building things i need. I’m also very social, and love making new connection.

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I completed a PDC with goodlife permaculture earlier this year, and i am now looking to deepen my knowledge of permaculture systems in practice at all different scales, as well as further developing my practical skills. Im currently in a learning phase of my life, where i am trying to work out how i want to live, and what i would like to do with my life, so im interested in exploring different kinds of alternative living. I am particularly intersted in community living and all the different ways that can manifest itself, but i am committed to keeping myself open to all new experiences on this journey.

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