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My name is Rasmus, i am 22 years old and from Denmark. I just finished school and is now spending time traveling before i have to go to university. I am therefore traveling here in Australia to experience the culture and explore this awesome country. I am a very kind, caring and helpful person. I always try to stay positive and keep a smile on my face. I love meeting new people and create new memories. Back home in Denmark i have been working as a lifeguard in a public pool for seven years and in a company where i helped packing orders for around one year. I like sports and have played soccer and other sports for many years and i like watching sport on tv. Other then that i like being in front of a computer playing some games with my friends.

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I joined WWOOF to learn about other cultures and experience the life on a farm away from the city. I therefore hope to find someone that needs a helping hand and who would be willing to host me for a little while.

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Rasmus Bredfort Nielsen

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