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blake bradley king

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Personal Bio

I grew up in a small country town for the majority of my life where I grew up around surrounded by farms. I have always had a great interest in gardening and permaculture! I’m never afraid to get my hands dirty. I moved to Newcastle in 2018 to experience coastal life where I’ve been working in cafes and engaging with the local community. I love to get creative by doing art, cook, and rock out to good soulful music and I would surprise myself if I were doing all 3 things in a night. I’ve always been known to be easy going and with an earthy, bubbly, mature nature. When I’m feeling more my quiet self and not rocking out at my very own kitchen blues fest I’ll quite happily read or go hiking where I take in all of the small things and appreciated quiet moments of mindfulness.

Why I joined WWOOF

For two years I’ve thought I knew what I wanted in life and have been trying to create a grand plan to fit in with what all the other people my age are doing in their lives. I decided to move back to my country home town temporarily whilst in isolation to be with my family. It was in Mudgee that my passion for gardening was reignited being surrounded by family and getting right back to work with expanding my garden. I had family friends highly suggest I consider WWOOFing and it became a mission to make it happen as soon as I heard all about it. In the opportunity to begin a new chapter I sold all my possessions with a dream to follow.

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