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Billy Wright

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    I grew up around dairy farming, Doreen and Alec Wright owned a small jersey heard in Hampshire, England. They were amazing people but most importantly they were my grandparents. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of farm life, collecting the eggs with my grandma, milking the cows first by hand and then by machine with my granddad, collecting hay, chasing the pigs to get them off to market, searching for that cats when they went walk about to have kittens, shearing the sheep (I was just watching) and generally just being on and around a working farm.
    My aunt and uncle set up an organic farm in 1990. Instagram – Harroway Organic Gardens (all one word) and through my teens I worked there and gained an insight into organic farming and the importance of eating well as well as respecting the animals you would eventually slaughter for food.
    Animal farm by George Orwell was one of the first books I ever read and it resinated with me and taught me the importance of empathy and equality as well as the dangers of greed. As I get older I find myself trying to distance myself from over consumption and live a much simpler life and this trip is as much about that than anything else.
    For the last 10 years I have worked as an arborist. Instagram tree beard trees (all one word) I wanted to obtain universal skills that were as much about pruning and caring for trees as cutting them down. My long term dream is to build my own log cabin from wood I’ve harvested from my own woodland. I bid on a smallholding about a year ago but was narrowly priced out of it, so the dream is on hold. I ran a tree care business in England for 3 years before coming to Australia in 2013 and working as a contractor. We have put down roots in Melbourne but my aim and desire now is to work and travel around this diverse and fascinating country.
    I love finding original sources of food, fishing, rough shooting and general foraging are particular favourites. If I can put something on the table that I have caught myself I think it tastes twice as good as something I’ve bought. My girlfriend has ridden horses her whole life and it is something I have enjoyed with her. I am at a stage where I am competent but would definitely like to improve and expand my skills.
    I enjoy new company and sharing ideas and stories, most importantly I’m interested in what ever journey you have been on that has bought you to this moment. Mine is a story of moving from England to Australia for a holiday, working to gain citizenship and now having the freedom to travel Australia and meet people along the way.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    I have joined wwoof to meet the people who are interested in me and my journey round Australia as much as I am interested in their story. What has bought you to this point? I believe that travel should not just be for the wealthy and see the woof scheme as a great facilitator in dispanding that myth.
    I believe that the scheme is about good experiences and interactions not just cheap labour. I will work hard but only if I think the attitude and outlook of the host is viewed as a reciprocal and fair exchange. happy to work 5 hours a day on average with days off to enjoy the local area and surroundings. But the work must be varied and interesting, that being said I do know the nature of a fair days work as have worked hard my whole life.
    I am happy to undertake tree work this would be at a reduced rate, but enough to cover my skill set and maintenance of my gear. If this is of interest let me know.

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    Billy Wright

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    Aust/NZ Citizen

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    Cat Evans





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    Tasmania, Victoria



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