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Benjamin Cronin

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Hi my names Ben, I’ve been in the trade (Air conditioning) industry for 20+ years. Recently made a career change as a disability support worker. I enjoyed the work, except unfortunately didn’t work out with the company. I’ve been on a journey the past 5years, working hard on self development & finding peace in life. I enjoy nature/music & striving to live a healthy/free lifestyle. I love the idea of a organic healthy diet & have always thought the farm life would work well in finding peace & happiness. I’m a hard worker & have a lot of experience & skills in majority of trades.

Why I joined WWOOF

I’ve joined wwoof to volunteer in NSW at Shepherds grounds farm & village in Butterwick. To experience a new way of living & benefiting by contributing in a community, while learning new ways. I would love to experience how a healthy organic diet can change & help a individuals body mind & soul. I strongly believe an organic healthy lifestyle is the answer to wellness.

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Benjamin Cronin

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Aust/NZ Citizen





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New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria



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