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Benjamin Gapp

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Hi,  I am Benny, a 26 years old junior farmer from austria.

I grew up on our family farm, which does organic agriculture and forestry with a few businesses. I´m the oldest with 5 siblings, so enjoy being in a family invironment. Our farm specialise in dairying and raising calves, a few sheep and some pigs are also on the farm. We also make different sorts of yoghurt and cheeses, a bit of cropping like potatoes and grain, and we have a very large vegegarden too. We sell about 60% our products direct to local consumers.

I have agricultural training for 4 years which included: animal health courses, animal transport license, gas and electrode welding, and a lot more usefull skills for the farming business. I´m a skilled skiing teacher too ;D During that training period I spent 2 and a half months for a internship in germany on a bio dynamic farm. Additionally I finished a apprenticeship for skilled forestry work. Then I spent 3 years in a company to absolve the apprenticeship and working as a agricultural machinery engineer. After that I had to do the civilian service which I did in agriculture for 9 months, that means it was organised by the goverment to help farmers who had an accident or some health problems. So I worked on a few different farms with different farming businesses.

In 2015/16 I´ve been 3 months in New Zealand for traveling and wwoofing the most time. In 2017 I went 4months trough south east asia wwoofing and traveling.

The last 2 1/2 years I worked in the company where I´ve absolved the apprenticeship. I was the head of the workshop managing the repairs, the employees in the workshop, doing all work to keep the workshop running an doing special repairs, also outside on farms.

Why I joined WWOOF

I want to travel and wwoof in Australia because I made just great experiences the laste times.

I would like to collect new experiences in agriculture especially on farms with animals/dairy/beef/sheep, but I´m open for everthing else. Also to improve my english and meet new poeple from all over the world, to enjoy your culture, experience the Australian way of farming and travel through your beautiful country. 🙂

I´m not scared of dirty and heavy work and open for everything else so I think I can be a usefull help. Cheers

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