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    We are a German-North American couple that has been in Australia for a little over a year now. We have worked most of the time getting our second year visas,  have travelled the West Coast and had one great wwoofing experience helping build a house. For the past two and a half years we have travelled (and sometimes worked) together in New Zealand, Germany, the United States and now Australia. We would like to wwoof together but sometimes it might just be one of us asking to stay.

    I (Laura, 31) grew up on the countryside in the north of Germany and lived on a biodynamic  farm for the first 18 months of my life.  😉😄 For 13 years I went to a Steiner/Waldorf school and then lived as an Au Pair in England for a little over a year. When I returned to Germany I  studied something similar to early childhood education in Hamburg and have since lived and worked there. I have come to realise that I don’t particularly enjoy being in big cities (except Hamburg 😉). I am good at my job and I enjoy working with children but I am exploring some other work fields and would like to gain new skills during my stay in Australia. For some reason I enjoy weeding and have some experience with macadamia nut, lemon and grape harvest and general orchard work. I also enjoy sanding and painting and in general working with wood (not that I know too much about it, but I love wood).

    I (Joshua, 25) am from the US and have been travelling for about three years outside of the US. Since I was young I have moved consistently here and there in the States and have grown to really enjoy meeting new people in my travels. After I graduated high school I worked here and there, spent some time in the military, and since then have been looking to find my passion. So exploring jobs is on my agenda now. 😉 I am open and interested in learning new things and am not afraid to get my hands dirty to get the job done. I work hard, get excited for difficult tasks and am ready to go at a moments notice. Some things I have done that could be helpful wwoofing include:
    – working on a dairy farm during calving time in NZ
    – gardening for a hostel for two months in NZ
    – sanding and painting while staying in Germany
    – other agriculture farm work: pruning, planting and picking on orchards for a variety of fruits in NZ

    We are both friendly and usually cheerful, like to chat and get to know new people. But there are also times when we are rather quite and like to stay to ourself. Obviously we understand and respect your wishes to be alone or just with your family or friends. On the other hand we would enjoy staying with hosts that are generally interested in getting to know the wwoofers a little and might even spend some of their spare time with them from time to time.
    We don’t drink much or smoke heavily but do enjoy the odd beer or cigarette if we are in the mood for it (which is not happening much at all lately).
    We live mainly vegetarian (Laura tries to stay away from dairy and eggs as well, Joshua sometimes eats organic meat) and enjoy cooking, so we’d be willing to help with preparations and cleaning up afterwards.
    We have a car and love to explore the area whereever we are staying. So it would be great (but not imperative) if it was possible to not work every day and have some afternoons off as well.

    We are into organic, healthy foods and environmentally friendly products and lifestyles. Unfortunately traveling and living on a budget makes that a bit hard sometimes.

    Overall we are very animal friendly but in particular love dogs. Laura used to do horse riding (maaany years ago) and we are both interested in getting a bit more into that (again). So if you have horses that is a big plus. 😉

    Why I joined WWOOF

    We believe that working for accommodation And food is not only a way for us travellers to save some money, but a great way to meet new people / the locals, learn about different lifestyles and cultures and gain new skills.
    Laura has had a few wwoofing experiences in NZ, but we both still feel very new to this but hope to get more into it during our second year in Australia.
    We are interested in sustainable living, organic farming/gardening, animal care and exploring new things.

    Hopefully one day we can have our own little garden, some animals and maybe even offer wwoofing to other people.

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    Laura and Joshua

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    New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria


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