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Breionny John

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Hey new friends.

Thank you for the opportunity to meet you and to potentially learn from.

I currently live in Sydney. Have done for more than I care to recall. I grew up in Perth WA. Moved to the east for work. Perth was great. It really is a city that works. There seems to be enough time in the day to do all the things. Unscheduled pop ins from friends is a regular normality that does not seem to transfer to the big city of Sydney. Appointments and schedules need to be produced in order to catch up with friends. Something I have never quite become accustom to.

Dad lived in the foot hills about an hour out of Perth. As kids we got to experience time away from the city, which I loved but didn’t fully appreciate at the time. Being around trees, horses and all the animals as well as the space and the fresh air of the country is something that agrees with me. It has not been until that connection had been severed that I have felt a loss, a lacking.

I regularly swim in the ocean and visit nature parks to balance out the busy city life. Yoga and meditation are part of my world. I like to eat well and live a clean life. I haven’t always been so angelic. It has been a work in progress to become my best self. I was vegetarian for a very long time, now I have realised that my body needs and wants meat and animal products. It is from my earlier beliefs around eating animals that I am very passionate about sourcing products that have been produced in a mindful and humane way. Allowing benefit to all, producing quality clean products while minimising suffering and being respectful.

I currently work in the Television industry as an Audio Technician and Boom Operator. Over the years I have been spoilt with a variety of amazing experiences and unique opportunities. It is certainly a extremely stimulating environment to work in. One where your cortisol levels are constantly high.

As the years move by and the seasons and shows come and go I see nothing change and my curiosity of what else is possible grows.  The feeling I am missing out on life as well as increasingly running out of motivation has me investigating a new way of living.



Why I joined WWOOF

Only recently I heard of WWOOF on a podcast. Looking into it was something that called me to do so. I see that it is mostly for overseas volunteers but I thought, why not give it a go. My work is of a freelance nature, so I often have clumps of days off, sometimes a couple of weeks.

I am currently considering leaving Sydney. As well as wanting to experience the country life I have always wanted to see more of Australia. Where to go is an open book.

I would love to find a host in Tasmania, but I am open to all opportunities.

I am interested in learning about living in unison with nature. I am curious about raising Beef and other animals for food. Permaculture techniques, living sustainably, off grid, water catchment, enriching and producing soil, composting. Building and maintaining fences and other requirements around a property. Taking care of pets and plants.

I hope to learn various skills and a greater understanding of what is required to live this life. One day moving into this world permanently.

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