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    We are a micro-distillery on about an acre, producing superb Organic Potato Vodka, and a range of Gins from sustainably-sourced sugar, (including an Organic Strawberry Gin – stunning!).

    You will be working in the garden AND the distillery, learning fermentation techniques, weeding, paving, cleaning (there’s a lot of cleaning in a distillery! But this won’t be a major part of the deal – promise).

    We’ve been in the Enviro movement for decades, and run our distillery on very green principles. We also have a gorgeous dog, ducks, cat, and a fabulous forest out the back.

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    We source our potatoes and strawberries from our friends at Wombat Forest Organics, which is 64 seconds away from the distillery. Our garden is permaculture and zero chemicals, and so are the botanicals we use in our spirits.

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    I have loved travelling and learning from the world, now happy to share back. We live in a beautiful part of the world, and could really do with some support from like-minded people who would love to learn a little about the distilling process, fermentation, gardening, etc.



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