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Hey folks, I a pretty quiet old fellow. I have lived alone most of my life. I like to read about different topics from sustainable living to astro-physics and dog training.

I like to build and play with silly toys- my current plaything is an old Tamiya R/C car which I have put a camera on top off and drive via a set of goggles.

I have had some medical set backs in recent times and am recovering well but want to do something for myself. I have a gorgeous Kelpie who is a trained assistance dog, but very obedient and friendly- you’ll love her.

Why I joined WWOOF

I have long thought about getting out onto a property myself, building a little house, having chicken’s a BIG veggie garden and trying all sorts of different thing like sheep and goats- cheese-making, bees, water power projects- the list is endless. But I dont have practical experience. I’d love to come to your farm, help you in your endeavours and learn from you.

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Paul Bartlett

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