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Barnum Cohen

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I’m a chef from Melbourne who grew up down the Mornington Peninsula. I love music, travelling, food, organic gardening, camping and fishing. I’ve recently lost my job as the head chef of a Spanish restaurant because of covid-19 so I am using the time as a good excuse to get out of the city with my girlfriend and explore some of the corners of this beautiful country whilst hopefully broadening my skill set. Aside from cooking and baking I’ve also got experience in labouring, landscaping, fruit-picking, painting and wood-chopping. I have a strong work ethic and enthusiasm for developing new skills. As a head chef, I appreciate the importance following procedures and safety when working in dangerous or challenging environments. I am particularly interested in food production, science, animals and the environment. I have limited experience with tools, mechanics and heavy machinery but I would love to get more experience with these things if anyone is willing to teach me. I’m friendly, love a joke, a good chat and the occasional beer or a glass of wine. I’ve got a decent tent and a car and my girlfriend and I are both pretty low maintenance, easy-going people.

Why I joined WWOOF

I first joined WWOOF in NZ in 2016. It was an amazing experience. I was travelling with a small group of friends and we were able to meet some amazing people and see some beautiful places whilst learning about local culture, the environment and food production

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