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Hello. Me and Danielle are 24 and 23 respectively, and after years of thinking about it we have decided to go traveling and see the world. We are currently living in Jersey, Channel Islands, a small island near France. Danielle is from Essex, East London and after we met at university and both graduated she decided to move to Jersey with me. Our careers started very quickly, however, after 5 years together we realized that we have not had the opportunity to see the world like we hoped for. We would one day like to progress with our careers in finance and have children, however, whilst we are still young and active we believe it’s the right time for us to see the world. We love animals, being active, practical and being outdoors. We are keen to get involved with anything there is to offer. It’s all part of the experience! We love the beach. I particularly enjoy paddle boarding and other water sports and Danielle enjoys dancing and being creative. We have decided to visit Australia as there is so much beauty to see. We would like to travel to different areas and are eager to volunteer with Wwoofing to truly experience life in Australia. What a great opportunity this would be, to volunteer our time, to learn new things and meet new people in the amazing place that is Australia (I visited some years ago) as well as saving on accommodation. Could this get much better?!

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Whilst we are traveling we would really like to enhance our experience as much as possible and we believe that we would do this by volunteering. We would like to see and do as much as we can and by volunteering in exchange for accommodation this will not only save us some money (what a bonus?!) it will also allow us to see Australia from a different perspective, met locals and get a better insight life in Australian and what Australia has to offer. To volunteer and see Australia from this different perspective will really open our eyes into the different walks of life there are around the world and in particular Australia. We don’t know what to expect from Wwoofing, although we have heard from those who have done it that it is an absolute must, that it is an amazing experience and that we will not regret it – and I’m sure we won’t. We are so excited to get involved with this amazing organisation, its hosts and meet other like minded people who are out to get the most from their time in Australia, just like we are.

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Bernard Gordon

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Tourist Visa

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Danielle Crump



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Jersey Channel Islands, UK



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