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    I’ve just fledged my youngest child and I’m up for new adventures. Cohousing for older women, The Work of Byron Katie, The Flow Game and creating collaborative relationships are some of the things I’m passionate about.

    I’m pretty keen on yoga and try to practice almost every day. I started when I was 45 and I’m delighted to be able to do a freestanding headstand!

    I’m a qualified remedial massage therapist, and for 20+ years I’ve run this business from home. I specialize in Bowen therapy, which is a fantastic Australian technique that is gentle and extremely effective.

    I read eclectically – mainly from local book swap libraries or my favourite queer bookstore, Hares and Hyenas. During the Melbourne lockdown last year I did some volunteer work delivering book orders by bicycle to LGBT peeps in the northern suburbs.

    I’m originally from Canada – apparently that’s easy to guess when I say ‘Out and about’, but I’ve lived in Melbourne for 25+ years and feel more Aussie these days.

    When I first came to Australia in 1990 I did a big loop using bus Australia. But that was back in the day when I considered myself a traveller, and would sleep on the floor to save $. Now I really love a good mattress but still consider myself more of a traveller than a tourist.

    I’d really like to spend my travelling time dropping into community and getting to know locals. I am a really good listener and can be a wonderful resource if you need someone to bounce some ideas off. Although I have a bubbly engaging side, I also value a lot of time just being quiet and by myself.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    I’ve just fledged my youngest child and I’m up for new adventures. WWOOF seems like a safe and fun way to be a solo traveler. As I age, I am becoming more interested in sustainability in all it’s guises – food, housing, internal wellbeing. I know very little about gardening and permaculture, but I’d like to learn more.

    During this year of pandemic I’ve been delighted to grow veggies in my urban back garden. It’s been a lovely creative outlet to make soup from my own ingredients.

    What do I hope to achieve by WWOOFing? Such an interesting question. I don’t know and I’m leaning in to the discomfort of not knowing. At the very least, connection to new folk and new ideas with the opportunity to exchange my skills and ideas.

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