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My Greeting to everyone!
Besides my artistic skills I have very skilled hands and I can work very hard. My father was an Agricultural engineering and I was always helping him with any kinds of renovations works at his work. Later when I was a student I was working on many farms.
Indeed I want to learn a lot of other skills and knowledge and I thing WWOOF make sens for me. I’m interested in healthcare, irrigation, water harvesting, weeding, ecology, etc..
I’m graduated from a bachelor and  MS.c, in agricultural engineering (Khartoum University, Hohai University and Jiangsu university) in China. I live in china from 2011 till now.
I prefer to stay a few months, then back to my work in my university in China.
I’m looking to get some working experience and some new skills while visiting and learning about Australia.
If you have any questions feel free to write me a message.
Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
Kind regards!

Why I joined WWOOF

I joined WWOOF because I believe that we need to support organic and commercial farmers and I also would like to learn new skills. Also I want to adventure for a new experience. Learn new skills in agriculture, soil fertility and soil and water conservation and conservation of food
I have 6 years experience as a part time Permaculture. I am interested in meeting people and learning skills .

For me the experience I would made are more important than anything even that earning money.
I’m available from 01.11.2018 01.03.2020 in China.

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