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I’m the son of hard-working rice farmers from North Sumatra. In Indonesia, I am known as a food enthusiast from seed to plate. Growing up I assisted my parents on farms. I then spent a considerable amount of my 20s living in rural East Timor where myself and community members lived off subsistence farming.

From there I worked in the film industry, documenting Indonesian farmers, food-producers and chefs, all the while growing, harvesting and cooking food for large groups and festivals.

In 2019 I relocated to Australia to live with my Australian partner and our baby daughter. Since living here, I have worked for private families, helping to maintain their gardens, while directing documentaries for Indonesian audiences such as ‘Pulau Plastik’ and Coffee Farming in North Sumatera. You can find out more about me on youTube here: video.vice.com/en_asia/video/on-the-road-with-rahung-nasution/

Why I joined WWOOF

My interest in growing and cultivating edible foods spans over three decades. My partner Ebonnie and our daughter Freeya are traveling in a firetruck-turned motorhome to live closer to nature and learn more about permaculture and organic farming. We have been in Queensland for two months. We would like to slowly navigate our way around Australia working on permaculture projects and organic farms.

Our plan is to have not too much of a plan so if we like a community we will stay awhile. So far we have met so many good people who are doing a similar thing. In years to come, we would like to ferry our truck from Darwin to East Timor and then across to Indonesia so Freeya can learn subsistence farming methods there too.

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