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I am Amanda, a 29 years old girl from France who came to explore Australia! I come from the south of France (Toulouse) and I studied industrial logistics and project management. I was a beautician before I changed careers. I like to travel (like many people here) but above all I like adventure. I prefer the countryside to the city and have a love of nature, food and wildlife.
I have a degree in quality, industrial logistics and organization.
I have experience in food industries, storage, project and production management and continuous improvement.
Since I am in Australia having worked in hobby farm, vineyard and food industry.
As I worked in commerce (beauty salon), I am used to working with customers. I have a good relationship with them.
My parents are foster family, I am used to caring for children of all ages.
I am tidy, patient, dynamic, hard working and willing to do. Not afraid to get my hands dirty. I have a inquirring mind.

Why I joined WWOOF

I am looking for moments of sharing, learning English (I speak just enough to understand and be understood), Australian culture, food and fauna and flora via Helpx. And above all, have a good time, share my joy and good mood!

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