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Hello! My names Ashley and i am 23 and from England. I currently live in Melbourne Australia, where i have lived since November of 2019. I love being out in nature and exploring/travelling! I am a very positive and outgoing. I get on with absolutely everyone and live life with a smile. I enjoy going to the gym and keeping myself healthy, and i am no stranger to hard work. I have had many labour intensive jobs across my life. I am Genuinely so excited to meet new people and have some unforgettable experiences. I am travelling out the back of my little Honda Hatchback, which i will be sleeping in in between WWOOF work. I would love to meet another WWOOFER also travelling alone along the way, in hope to possibly Travel/Work together.

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I Joined WWOOF because despite having a top job in Melbourne city, i am constantly feeling as though there is something in life i am missing, i have always dreamed of travelling across Australia, as beautiful as Melbourne is, i feel though i am not living my Australian dream to its full potential, i hope to mix my love of helping people, working hard, travelling and meeting new people and experiences together with the help of WWOOF. I hope to meet some great people along the way and hopefully someone else WWOOFING alone.

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