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Asmaa is a Moroccan-French digital nomad, and Scott is a chef and grew up in Wagga Wagga and Canberra before moving to London and Berlin. We both used to live in Berlin before moving to Australia in 2020.

Asmaa spent the last 7 years travelling the world working in social justice, systemic change, sustainable living and regenerative culture and is currently writing a book on identity, while Scott is training online to complete his hospitality experience with sustainable living and permaculture.

We are both 34 years old, hard working and playful and we love meeting people and being in nature.

Why I joined WWOOF

We want to join WWOOF to live and learn with people who are living a life we are seeking to build for ourselves. Long term, we would like to start a permaculture retreat center in Morocco or Southern Europe, and are building the skills we need to do so.

In a more short term basis, I would like to live in a farm and ideally work outdoors in the mornings and work on my book in the afternoon / evening. I find being in nature very inspiring. I have co-designed and facilitated different gatherings in retreat centers around the world, and would be happy to bring this knowledge as well to our hosts.

My partner would like to learn more about permaculture, animal care, growing food and experimenting with fermentation.

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