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Hello! I’m Arwyn and just moved from Adelaide, South Australia where I was born and raised.

You will find me in my happiest state when I am heads down in gardening, cooking, bushwalking, looking after and being around/with animals of all kinds, writing, creating, yoga, meditation, art, camping and connecting with people!!

My grandparents have a beautiful 21 acre property/farm in Adelaide where I grew up planting, harvesting, tending to and learning about their wonderful organic vegetable/herb/orchard garden.

My grandpa is one of my biggest role models and is one of the main people in my life that has taught me so much It’s thanks to being exposed to nature like that from such an early age that in the dirt and in the garden is my favourite place to be.

My grandma has always been an incredible cook and have watched her eagerly from a young age and learnt as much as I could that’s whyI love to get creative in the kitchen, it’s one of my favourite things to do and always love to help out in any way that I can.

I have been eating 100% organic vegan food for almost two years now so growing organically is incredibly important to me!!

I don’t have my drivers license so I will be getting from here to there by public transport 🙂

I am very used to accomodating  myself with food also, as I have gotten used to it with having an alternative diet so I am happy to do that if eating 100% organically and vegan is too tricky to provide which I understand it can be 🙂 If what I have written resonates with you and what you need help with please feel free to send me a message

Why I joined WWOOF

I am currently staying on an off grid property in Yessabah, NSW and wanting to travel further up while learning lots and meeting likeminded people along the way! My intention is to get as close as I can to the Daintree <3 I have a strong desire to further my and learn new knowledge and skills in whatever way that I can. I’m a very hard worker, I’m up for anything, I’ll give anything my best shot and always will push myself to do the best job I possibly can.

My happy place is in amongst nature, I love exploring new places and learning more and more about the earth that we all co exist on.

I always knew that I would wwoof to travel as it has always been an option for me growing up around plenty of wwoofers and hearing their stories. Now the time has come that I can’t keep my insatiable appetite for adventure at bay!

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Arwyn Blackthorn

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Aust/NZ Citizen



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New South Wales, Queensland


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