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I have recently made the move from the Sunshine Coast, QLD to the beautiful South West with my dog, Dixie.
Having grown up on a farm (cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, dogs) I have come to realise that urban living isn’t congruent with the life I want to make for myself.
Dixie and I are looking to continue living the simple life for the remaining Summer months.
I am currently working at the Meelup Farmhouse and am looking to relocate from my current residence in Quindalup. I have been living on a 5 acres block in a bell tent for the last 8 weeks but unfortunately, the housing situation has become less than ideal.
Would love to find a new place for the coming weeks, and am even happy to continue living in the bell tent.
I am 26 years old and enjoy hiking, being in nature, horse riding, cooking and reading. Dixie is 16 months old and enjoys running, the beach, and sticks (she is a Kelpie).

Why I joined WWOOF

I have joined WWOOF to continue my pursuit of living life on the land and learning all the teachings such a life has to offer. Having grown up on 200 acres in South East Queensland, urban living has proven to be incongruent with my adult life. As well as missing wide open spaces and being with animals, there is so much I would love to learn about organic farming. I have a passion for a farm to table way of life and am eager to learn whatever someone is willing to teach.

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Ariana Nolan

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