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    LOOKING FOR hosts in VIC ; NSW ; SA for from april.

    I grew in house in a village close to Rhona river located on the 45th Parallel North, France. We have garden enough big for welcome two dogs (and more for guests), we have hens, pheasans and ducks (my father is hunter, but I’m not like him because I don’t like to kill, I’m sensitive). I still live in my parents and I have a sister and an half-brother. I am passionated of genealogic and heraldry.

    Deaf and implanted person, I can communicate orally (but speak softly please). I love to laugh as much as I can. I like to sew and I make some creations, sometimes wacky. My personality is complex, for example I have the phobia of spiders and yet I do not want to kill them because I also have a certain affection for them! That’s weird?!
    I especially like being honest, it’s very important to me. I have known misunderstandings and suffered the consequences

    I am looking for a host for a minimum period of 2 weeks, a maximum of 1 month.

    I have driver licence but don’t have car yet.

    I love taking care of animals, I have more affinity with large dogs with short hairs (I have a short hair hunter and a mixed labrador-collie). I have experienced giving hay to cows and calves, feeding dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, horses. But don’t ask me to kill!

    I have been experimenting with milking cows, picking plants (harmful for cattle), driving quad, cleaning lodges, maintaining a garden, washing dishes, chopping wood … There are things I would like to not be asked, it is to pick weeds in a group of flowers, I have trouble distinguishing them and makes the work disastrous! Working in a noisy environment, or that forces me to lift my head causes vertigo. There are some experiences that I would like to do, it is to shave the sheep, to take care of the bees and possibly to make honey.

    I am fluent in English, but due to my hearing difficulties I don’t always understand well, but I understand better by reading.

    Having lived with about fifteen different hosts in New Zealand, I can say that being alone with a single farmer or a widow with a special character makes me feel uncomfortable. That’s why I’m ideally looking for a couple, young or old, straight or gay. It can also be a duo composed of brother and sister, parent and child, etc. I have difficulties hearing the children, I will not be able to take care of them. A family with children who are already teenagers can suit me too. With respect to my handicap, patience is a quality that I don’t dare to ask but that would be very appreciated
    I also care about my health, I’m sorry but I’m primarily targeting those who do not smoke and do not drink particularly. I’ve known dusty houses full of spider webs that horrify me, and I do not deny you that I left these hosts before the deadline.

    Important detail: I need a socket at my disposal, it allows me to charge my batteries for my implant, and to operate my box to dehumidify my device every night.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    I am currently in a family type backpackers, for work in cherry picking. But I can’t wait to leave because I do not feel well. The kitchen is a nightmare, the refrigerators are sometimes full, the utensils that are missing, the cleanliness leaves something to be desired… I don’t like the atmosphere either: they drink too much and put music thoroughly. Either I am having fun with them I become sick, or I move away from them and I will be alone. I do not like drugs. I am supposed to adapt to others, but I know my limits and prefer to worry about my well-being.

    My cooking is very basic, because I’m not very good at it, and sometimes I feel weak from bad nutrition management.

    I am happy to continue to experiment with hosts, to learn and help. You can see the reviews that my neo-zealander hosts have left me (see gallery)

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    Arnaud Péatier

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