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Antonia Zeh

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    Thank you for considering me and taking the time to view my profile J My name is Antonia and I`m 19 years old, I was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany. Here is a little bit about me; Since I was young I have always had an interest in nature and the outdoors. My parents enrolled me in Montessori Kindergarten which meant I spent days with the other children in the wilderness; we learned about the world around us and how to be happy with simplicity. Our time was spent building tree houses, and playing in the streams and trying to catch fish. I attended a private school named Waldorfschule the school is very unique as it focuses heavily on agriculture, botany & livestock on top off regular classes. Our school grounds housed many animals such as pigs, sheep, chickens and even two cats. Later I moved to my father’s farm. One of my main duties was to collect firewood, split it with a log cutter and move it in to the house. I also looked after horses and became the proud owner of my herding-dog named Basti. I like to spend time with animals. I can relax and think well around them. They make me feel good and positive. I Enjoy spending time with my three older brothers and friends. I like to talk about different things with different people to gather new ideas, views and to expand my mind. Some of my favorite hobbies include bicycling and jogging. After finishing school I worked on an organic farm where I harvested apples, pears and pumpkins and sorted them for sale. I have been saving up for my trip to Australia which I started at the end of February. I am a calm and easy going person that doesn’t mind asking for help to better myself and to do things in a safe respectful manner. I love to help out and to be fascinated by new a projects. In the future I am planning on study social work. I wish to working with humans , animals and agriculture.

    Why I joined WWOOF

    I traveled alone to Australia for two different reasons. First I would like to learn English fluently and to experience interesting conversation on a daily basis and connect the language to memories and people instead of text books. The other reason is that I just want to be away from home and my comfort zone. I want to discover new people, a different culture and new habits. Get to know other perspectives and ways of live. Just traveling to a new country seems not enough. You have to get to know people first in order to understand them better. Hostels are not cheap in the long run and you get to know a lot of people but often only superficially and for short periods of time. With WWOOF I hope to come to a new place and immerse myself in your world. To work, get to know people and gain new experiences.

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    Antonia Zeh

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    Working Holiday Visa





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    Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania


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    German, English


    All food


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