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Hi! I am anton, from germany and i just arrived here in Australia i havent had farm work yet but i want to learn everything about it. I love Traveling, but i think the best way to travel is to get in touch with locals. For my hobbys, i love drumming and have been doing it for 2 years. Music wise i love everything but pop, but my hearts beats the highest with Indie and Heavy Metal. I am still a bit overwhelmed by Australia and especially melbourne. The really big citys with the huge skylines are a bit too much for me and i hope i can get somewhere where it’s more quiet. In germany i live in a small town 30mins to a bigger city with lots of farmwork around. I still have my german phone number for now, but that will change within the next week. Really hope that this is enough for my little Introduction. Thanks for reading Anton

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My mother told me about tthe organisation when i came here and had trouble connecting to the country and people. It sounds really fun getting to know the real australia through the locals and since i lived on the country side my whole life basicly there was allways the interest in farm work. I dont have any experience in it yet sadly but i really want to learn everything about it. Through caring families this journey for me sounds the most fun, it isnt about the money i want to see the real australia with it. I allways loved Animals from rabbits to a cow and taking care of them (sadly not from a cow yet but that hopefully changes). Lerning about the farm life through this organisation really sounds the most fun and inviting to me.

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