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To summarize myself : my name is Antoine, I’m 27 years old, have a physiotherapist certification in France, and aspire to discover new things !

Organic farming is one of these things which inspire me and make me feel curious and enthusiastic 🙂

It seems to combine a multitude of activities which are always guided by the respect for biodiversity and ecosystems. I’ve read some articles on it, and watch some videos. Yet, I would like to learn more, by working and helping you directly on the farm !

To weed, plant, enclose, sow, grow from a cutting, work with animals, make home improvement jobs, collect fruits or vegetables, clean henhouse or whatever… I’m just hasting to make myself useful. I will be motivated and involved in each tasks you will ask me for 🙂

I love people who share their knowledge and passions. I think mine are physiotherapy and science in general. Perhaps, I will be able to give you some advice about your posture when we will be working together ^^

Thanks to you for having take time to read me. I hope that I didn’t make too much grammatical mistakes… My apologize in advance if it is the case.

Have a nice day, and see you soon !

Why I joined WWOOF

I’ve never had a real farm experience in my life, but that’s a world which has still interested me. So, I’ve decided to begin by the WWOOFing in order to immerse myself in this field. I find this concept as a great opportunity !

Learn about organics farms and see how everyday they manage to preserve harmony between human and environment, that’s motivate me a lot !

And then, meet local people, talk with them about our life stories, and improve my English spoken, that’s also why launching myself into the WWOOFing makes me feel so excited 🙂

I’m expecting to travel in Australia for a long time. So, I’m now taking the plunge. I’m going to discover new people, culture, wildlife, landscapes, activities, jobs, languages… What more could anybody ask ?

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