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    Hello! We are Annie and Simon, we’re two 20-year-olds from Armidale NSW, currently studying and working in Newcastle! We’re an easy-going, friendly, adventure-loving couple who are eager to lend a helping hand while meeting new people and gaining diverse and valuable life experience.

    We would love to spend time outdoors and learn new skills while working in an environment that we are passionate about. After graduating from school, we worked in a variety of casual jobs, while travelling to the snow to spend some time on the slopes which we both loved!

    Currently, Sime is working as a carpenter and I am working as a waitress/bartender at a local brewery while completing my Speech Pathology studies for this semester.

    We live in a share house with four of our close friends and love spending time together as a household. In our free time, I enjoy bush walks, skating, baking and singing. Sime enjoys mountain biking, surfing and skating.

    We both love spending time with family, friends, and with each other. In the future, I endeavour to form a career pathway in the health field, while Sime is interested in the environment and sustainability.

    We can’t wait to get stuck into some work while exploring Australia! Look forward to being in touch. 🙂

    Why I joined WWOOF

    We have a passion for travel and meeting people, and decided that we wanted to challenge ourselves in a way to push ourselves out of our comfort zones. When we came across the opportunities that WWOOF provided, it was a perfect fit! We loved the idea of slow travel while gaining insight into the life of the farming families across Australia at the same time.

    We are passionate about the environment and sustainable living and are eager to learn more about this lifestyle through the eyes of the people that work to put food on our tables. By joining WWOOF we hope to meet a diverse range of new people and become a part of their lifestyle while offering a helping hand wherever we can.

    Through our work and travel, we aim to learn a range of practical skills that we can apply to our everyday lives and into the future all while forming lasting relationships.

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