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I’m Annie – I’ve been stuck in melbourne for the past two years and looking to shake off the city stagnation by learning practical skills and ample time outside. I have been studying a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology for 2 years now with particular interests in cyborgs, geography, nature and mythology.

I am taking this next semester off as I have been locked down in Melbourne and wish to breathe some new air in a practical exciting way.

I have worked in various hospitality jobs since I was 14 (ten years) as well as retail, life modelling and volunteering in medical and festival settings. My other interests include drawing and oil painting (at the very beginning stages), cooking (particularly for other people), the sharing and listening of music across many genres, big walks in lush forests, swimming in fresh water and learning ways to lessen waste and harm through practical solutions. I was an avid horse rider for much of my youth and am eager to spend some time with horses again. I would love to increase my handywork ability after recently learning to patch walls and whittle a stick.

I like to think I’m easy-going, a polite and considerate house guests with years of sharehouse/guest house experience, a sharer, a keen learner and worker, a sometimes problem-solver who is grateful to those who share their knowledge of the world.


I am double-vaccinated and practice COVID-safety where possible.

Why I joined WWOOF

To be active physically and mentally while learning the skills and theory of permaculture, biodynamic farming, sustainable living and producing oneself with the land around them. I hope to find inspiration and shared values around alternative, kind and meaningful living practices while also gaining perspective on where I want to be in the world. I would love to work with animals where possible.

I want to get out of my student head and learn through my hands and through physical observations rather then papers in my room. I want to meet people who know how to do really cool stuff with the environment with know-how and awe.

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