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I really like working outdoors…. I have worked as a nurse for years both here and in the UK. I loved being a nurse and am highly passionate but would like a change.

I love travelling too and have worked on farms fruit picking whilst backpacking when I was younger, I’m older and hopefully wiser now but still want to have adventures. I enjoy meeting new people and being in new places so this WWOOF organisation seems a perfect next step for me.

I would love to learn new skills – permaculture, organic methods with also animal care, I’ve had pets that’s my experience so far, plus looking after friends dogs. Travel plans now are that I live in my motorhome full time and want to use this opportunity to work, volunteer and housesit my way around Australia.

I am a vegan and have been for quite a few years now but I have respect for everyone’s choices, I do like to cook – pretty essential for a vegan diet. I found out about WWOOFing from a friend years ago and planned to find out more and give it ago as soon as I could, which is where I am now.

Thanks for listening and look forward to helping, learning and talking in the future.

Why I joined WWOOF

I want to experience a different life, outdoors and back to nature… my previous experience of nursing has been extremely rewarding and challenging and continues to be a great asset to my life. But now I want new challenges – to learn about permaculture, organic farming techniques and animal care.

I like the bit where it says “no experience necessary just enthusiasm” I hope to travel through Australia but that might be a bit difficult right now, but I intend to start my experience in Victoria.

It seems a great way to experience life with locals and really get to know rural areas of Australia. I’ve been in Australia this time since March 2020 spending over a year in lockdown Melbourne so its great to have freedom again. I have done some my own garden and gardening with friends and helping out. I have done a beginners DIY course and try and fix things myself…sometimes it works… WWOOF seems a well organised and safe system so here goes…51

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