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mark m

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    Hobby Farm

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    Secluded Riverfront property in E. Gippsland bush.

    Full Property Description

    38 Acres, 1.5 km riverfront, end of dead end road, state forest 3 sides, Mudbrick/bluestone house, permaculture garden. There is no mobile reception, please contact me via email (1 km on top of a hill there is reception) but i have a satalite internet connection.  Everything but the houses and chookpen were destroyed in fire 30 December 2019. That included 2 km of fence, 25 yr old covered orchard, stage where festivals were held, woofer caravan on river, farm car.   In the past, ive given tours to over 1000 people of my farm as it is / was very self sustaining.  All solar powered, and garden has abundant supplies yr round. i have preserved foods/made cider/wine/juice in past.  I have health issues now and cant do as much as i used to.  I play music and have spent past 10 yrs in North America touring for 4 months playing in Mexico and Pacific Northwest.  This yr is different and have cancelled all gigs and this will be my first winter in Australia and i cant believe how cold it is.

    Organic/Biological methods we use

    i have my own developed method of growing.  Half my gardens are bird protected 1/2 not, some raised beds.  Composting system that goes back into the earth.  Very simple and it works for me.

    Special Conditions

    i dont really have special conditions but if any come up i will let you know.

    Skills WWOOFers can learn here

    Organic practices & techniques, Permaculture design practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Propagating, Soil conservation, Mulching, Worm farming, Animal care, Mechanical, Using & caring for tools, Building, Fencing, Handyman, Preserving & processing food

    Courses and Events

    i stopped my farm tours as it became too much for me.

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    mark m



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    1 WWOOFer


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    Why I became a WWOOF Host

    I was a woof host in the 80s. I was farm 67 when there was a book that had only a few hundred farms in the entire country. I must say all my experiences were not good (I had a woofer ringbark a lot of my original fruit trees with the wippersnipper) but overall, must say i really enjoyed meeting all of them and got lots of work done, including specialty work from an electrician.



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