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Hello everyone! My name is Amélie and I am a 21 year old student in engineering school in the city of Bordeaux, France. I come from France: I was born in Paris and after living in Mexico and Belgium, I grew up in Dijon, a small town in the French provinces. I left my parents’ home at the age of 18 to study in Lyon and Bordeaux.
I practised dance (classical and modern jazz) for a long time during my childhood, and then I started athletics, running and trail running. I love nature and have a close link with it through my appetite for hiking and my fight for the environmental cause. It is notably thanks to this environmental sensitivity that my associative life began: I was president of the environmental and solidarity association of my campus for one year (Instagram: This adventure allowed me to meet and work with many local actors of a solidarity or environmental fight. Among other things, we realized many events: food collection for the most destitute, CleanWalk, awareness campaigns on environmental issues, “Fresque du Climat” training on environmental disruption and weekly marauding with the homeless in Bordeaux. This year of activism has opened my eyes to many realities and has allowed me to grow in my sensitivity and commitment to this cause that is close to my heart.
I consider myself a sociable, empathetic and curious person. I like to discover, to share, to help, to meet, to learn, to be surprised. My friends would say that I am a joyful creature – always smiling – who loves life with humility.

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I want to do WWOOFing this summer for several reasons. But before giving these reasons, I prefer to describe the context. I met a boy in my student days who will be doing a double degree in Brisbane next year for a year. Despite the astronomical ecological footprint of flying such a trip and the guilt that comes with it, I tell myself that the opportunity to discover such a country and its culture will not come again soon. And this is without taking into account that I am obliged to do a 9-week period abroad to validate my degree. This is where WWOOFing comes in.
Indeed, it is for me a way to get closer to the Australian culture, or at least a small part of it, by working and living with locals. Moreover, being confined to a very theoretical life with my studies, it would allow me to satisfy my desire to “put my hand to the wheel” and, what’s more, in a sector that interests me. Indeed, I have a call to reconnect with nature and food: being a vegetarian myself and informed a bit, I realise the importance of agriculture and its balance with nature.
Finally, I wish to work in order to keep myself busy and useful to this cause while remaining close to my lover for a few more weeks before our physical separation for a year.

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