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Allison Wight

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Personal Bio

Born and raised in Virginia, I’m what some may call a southern belle; sweet, polite, courteous, flirtatious and loyal. That being said, I’m no pushover, I know I could hold my own in a brawl if needed. Likes include scuba diving, traveling, food, and the sunshine on my face. I cannot and will not put up with intolerance of other people or cats (I’m allergic). Whether or not you believe in the zodiac, I am a true Sagittarian- I’m adventurous, honest, large-hearted and generous…impatient, blunt, and sometimes maybe a little over confident. Right now I’m the supervising manager for a water sports store on a small island in the North East of the US called Nantucket. I’m in charge of everything it takes to run a small business- sales, merchandising, accounting, hiring, etc. There isn’t a task that I won’t take on. I’m strong willed and eager to learn.

Why I joined WWOOF

I live on a small island and I know how important a sense of community is. I love knowing my neighbors and being able to help them with any number of large or mundane tasks. I hope that joining WWOOF will allow me to become integrated into a part of Australian culture where I have the opportunity to make the same meaningful relationships. I want to learn new skills and would love to walk away a sense of impact. I also hope that there is a way i can help rebuild anything that is presently being taken from the horrific wildfires.

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Allison Wight

Visa Type/Citizenship

Working Holiday Visa

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Henry Dickson





Country of Origin

United States

States you want to Volunteer in

New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia



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