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Hi! My name is Allie and I am a recent graduate of Law and Science (Biomedical) from Queensland, ready for a new adventure, new people and life on the land! Before embarking on my city-based career, I would love to get my hands dirty in the soil and learn more about organic farming and lifestyle.

My love for farming and nature goes back to my fondest childhood memories where I would live my best farm life with my family on my grandparents mango farm in Bowen. There was no better feeling in the world than the early sunrise walk to the chicken/duck run to collect eggs, pick some pawpaw and cut some roses on the way back for my grandma before sitting down to a nice cooked breakfast with local and delicious produce we had cultivated ourselves.

I love cooking (am occasionally obsessive throwing over the top dinner parties without cause and fantasizing about opening up my own farm to table business one day), art and artistic people, different cultures (am learning French currently), sport and just good chats and a laugh. I’m excited to meet you and see how I can contribute to your farm and life!

Why I joined WWOOF

I really stumbled across WWOOF on my own as I was looking for volunteer/short term working experiences on farms across Australia. My brother and a few close friends are currently road tripping around Australia and I heard they were picking up work and cool experiences as they went.

Naturally I went googling as that sounded so great and I was tied to Brisbane for the short term. I checked with a friend who had heard good things so decided I should sign up!

I plan to spend 1-2 months (around December, January and February) similarly travelling and as mentioned above, trying out the farming lifestyle.

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Alessandra Marshall

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