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All FoodsFarm

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    All Foods Farm

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    Hobby Farm

    Short Property Description

    All Foods Farm is situated in Buffalo, South Gippsland , Victoria. The farm has been operating since 2004 and is run on sustainable agriculture and permaculture principles, with emphasis on organically grown, fresh produce. As sustainable property we grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, mostly as older styles and heritage varieties. With a mixed orchard of apples, pears, stone fruits and berries we supply our customers with fresh, seasonal produce that they rarely get to experience when shopping at any large scale supermarket. In the picking season for fruit we attend local Farmers markets. Our current project is establishing our shop frontage directly from the property.  We are a bit more than a hobby farm, but not quite  a commercial farm.

    Full Property Description

    The property is 14 acres of flat land on loam/clay soil, with a creek bordering the edge of the property line There is a strawbale house on solar electricity, a smaller bed and breakfast,   a large shed and a smaller shed being retro fitted to be a shop for our primary produce.

    We  currently have about 5 acres of heritage orchard, with 40 varieties of apples and about 20 varieties of pears and plums. Over 300 trees in total.  Each year we graft new varieties and add them to the orchard.   We also keep rare poultry breeds and about 20 bee hives on the property.

    Our web site is

    There are many things to do in the area, farmers markets, festivals of various kinds, great beaches,   bike tracks and much more.   In winter it can get rainy and wet, but in spring and summer South Gippsland is considered a great holiday destination.

    At the edge of our property is the bike track  the great southern rail trail and Visit Prom Country web site gives you a great idea of what is on in the local area.

    Organic/Biological methods we use

    The property is not certified organic but we do use organic methods, some BD methods and Integrated Pest Management in the orchard.   Deep litter poultry pens are used for the annual vegetable beds.  No chemicals or pesticides are used in the orchard or on the annual vegetable crops.

    Part of the property is designed as a permaculture food forest and part of the orchard is a combination or IPM and more conventional rows of crops, inter planted with herb leys and berry crops.

    Skills WWOOFers can learn here

    Organic practices & techniques, Permaculture design practices & techniques, Gardening, Composting, Propagating, Mulching, Pruning, Wild Food Foraging, Beekeeping, Animal care, Poultry care, Mechanical, Using & caring for tools, Fencing, Building, Wine making, Preserving & processing food, Bread making, Marketing produce, Off Grid Living skills

    Courses and Events

    We may hold introduction courses on a variety of subjects ;  bee keeping, preserving, pruning fruit trees, grafting etc.

    We also run short courses and workshops at the local community house in Foster :

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    All FoodsFarm

    Partners Name

    John Auckett and Kirsty Fletcher



    The Stay

    Can Accommodate

    3 WWOOFers

    Preferred length of Stay

    1-2 weeks, Longer stays by negotiation


    In Our Home, Separate Building, BYO Accommodation

    Other options

    No Smoking Inside, Children allowed by arrangement

    Meal Procedures

    Eat together, Eat separately, Share some meals, Share cooking, Food provided, cook your own

    Languages spoken


    Diets we cater for

    Mixed meals, some meat, some vegetarian, Vegetarian meals, Vegetarian only, Vegan meals

    Why I became a WWOOF Host

    After 12 years establishing All Foods Farm and building a strawbale house we now feel that we have the capacity to share our beautiful property and knowledge with others who might be interested. After completing the straw bale house we have a small bed and breakfast abode that is mostly empty, waiting for visitors. We are also always interested in learning more from others about organic gardening, permaculture and sustainable living and hope that being a wwoof host will bring like minded people to our doorstep so we can share life experiences and knowledge with each other.



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