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Ali Mahawi

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Hi! Our names are Ali Mahawi & Tim Möller and we live in a small town in Sweden called Örebro. We are 23 years old and are currently traveling in Australia for a couple months. In Sweden both us work with physical work. Tim is a warehouseworker and Ali works as a Chimney-sweeper. We became friends at the age of 13 when we begun in the same class. Tim has previously worked with elderly people and also children, and Ali worked as a firesafety-technician. Except from working we train martial arts and enjoy hanging out with our friends and family. Except from social and kind persons we are also very stubborn and always want too improve ourselves. Both of us have traveled a lot and are really excited to see what our dream destination has to offer us, especially with the farms. Both of us easily learn new duties and really want to increase our knowledge about farmwork. During our travel we are three WWOOFers, the third one has a separate WWOF-account and his name is Jakob krantz. Hopefully we’ll see you and work at your farm!

Why I joined WWOOF

A close friend of us talked about WWOOF and we knew immediately that this was something for us. We love the concept and wish that this will be the way for us to come closer to the farm life and the country itself!

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Ali Mahawi

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Working Holiday Visa

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Tim Möller





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Aust Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia



All food


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