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Alina Sacher

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HI! My name is Alina, I am 19years old and from Germany. I love to travel and I am beyond excited to visist Australia since it is a childhood dream of mine. I finished school half a year ago and I work in a supermarket for more than 9 months now. The purpose of this job was to safe enough money for a year abroad. Working with people has always been a blast for me, but I enjoy the company of animals as well!

Why I joined WWOOF

I really wanted to leave my country and see the world for as long as I can remember. The trips and hollidays I’ve had so far were very inspiring and helped me to grow as a person. I think it’s important to learn about other countries and cultures, so I thought about a way to get to know australia better and I decided for myself that working on a farm, with both, animals and/or kind people, would be the perfect way for me to discover this continent. So why did I join? I like the idea of helping each other and creating a bond that goes deeper than just ”employer and employee”. I also hope to get a lot of experience, as well as opportunities to exchange knowledge.

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