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Thom and I (Alice) are taking a break from work for a year to travel around Australia and get to know our country a little better. We both love nature but somehow ended up working in offices and court rooms as lawyers. We’re hoping to spend as much of our year off as possible outside of the city, camping, hiking, volunteering (and for Thom – surfing). We’re looking to learn new skills, meet other people, and feel useful. A little bit more about us:

* We’re both relaxed and open minded people with good senses of humour and an interest in other people.

* We both love food and cooking. Making a mess in the kitchen is usually my favourite way to relax at the end of the day. I have a gluten free diet but am happy to help cater & cook & ensure it’s not a hassle for others.

* Back in Brisbane we’re members of our local food co-op/bulk buying group and enjoy supporting local farmers. We’re both interested in learning more about sustainable farming practices for eg spray free/organic, permaculture, regenerative agriculture.

* Thom grew up on the Sunshine Coast and in recent years has taken up surfing again. Surfing, as well as watching surfing, reading about surfing, and thinking about surfing are all part of the obsession.

* Thom is a huge animal lover and avid bird watcher. His first forays into paid employment were as a farmhand on macadamia and mango farms. He has worked as a WWOOFer on vineyards, herb farms, and with cattle and horses in Italy and Ireland.

* I am an amateur potter and have been taking ceramics classes for the past two years. My lopsided plates, bowls and cups are slowly taking over the house.

*Both of us are willing and eager to learn and help out with any jobs you need done. We’re interested in stays of around a week or a fortnight but can be flexible.

Why I joined WWOOF

To see more of Australia, meet new people, educate ourselves about where our food comes from and to learn about farming practices that are good for us and the environment.

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