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Alexander Heyd

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I´m gardener and conservationist from Germany, born 1970. I work full time as CEO of a German-Italian NGO for bird protection. I´ve completed a 3 years vocational training in the Botanical Garden of Bonn (Germany) and am specialized in ornamental plants, forestry and landscape gardening. I´m able to do all usual gardening work including pruning orchard trees, I can handle chain saw and brush cutter. Since more than 30 years I volunteer in nature reserve maintenance with a local nature conservation NGO (“NABU Bonn”). I have a good understanding for the needs of organic farming and I worked in several projects that link farmers and conservationists. In another project I volunteer since 10 years as gardener in a collection of more than 230 medicinal plants. I have no experience with livestock but I have no concerns that I couldn´t help also in animal farming. I´m not 20 any more but I do mountain hiking (also during my job), rock climbing and go regularly to the gym, so I´m still physically fit.

Why I joined WWOOF

In autumn 2020 I´ll have 3 weeks in Victoria between my arrival with a cargo ship after 2 months on sea and the start of my holiday with my wife. It´s most probably 28.9. to 17.10.. I´d like to spend these weeks in a meaningful way as a full-time volunteer on a farm or something related.

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Alexander Heyd

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