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Hi ! I’m Alexandra, a 22 year-old student in Communication. I live near Paris in France. Next year, I’ll enter the working life, probably in an international organization or a small association that provides humanitarian assistance. I’ve always dreamt to be part of a humanitarian cause that is beyond me and this is what I’m passionate about. I’ve been a scout for more than 10 years and these experience has completely forged me. Among over things, I’ve learned to be resourceful and autonomous and not reluctant to hard work. I’m more of a cheerful person, a little bit shy at first but I love meeting new people and have new experiences. One of my hobbies is cooking and I’d be very pleased to make you discover some French specialities. Later, I hope to have my own little restaurant that I’d supply from a vegetable garden, so I’m very interested in learning about organic farming.

Why I joined WWOOF

Even though I know exactly what kind of job I want to do, I don’t feel ready to start an independent working life in a city as big as Paris yet. I grew up in the suburbs, surrounded by nature, quietness and a breathable air. When I was a kid, I used to scout with my friends during week-ends and summer holidays. We camped and hiked in the forests and the mountains, crossed small rivers, farms or fields as far as the eye could see. Discovery, adventure, nature, surpassing oneself, those are the words that truly define my scout experience. I always knew I’d need to go back to those kinds of experience in the future. So here I am, doing a gap year between my last two final years of study so I could experience wwoofing in Australia. It’s an opportunity for me to take a break from this predefined pattern of student and professional life in order to reflect and to refocus on what I’m ready to do. Discovering Australia has always been one of my dreams. I look forward to arriving in this country with so many beautiful diverse landscapes. I believe that wwoofing is the best way to be fully immersed in Australian life and culture, meet new people and improve my English.

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