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Hello👋🏼 My name is Alexandra Matheja. I am a 18 years old girl from Germany who made her Highschool degree this summer. I am a enthusiastic and outgoing girl. I like to meet new people and enjoy it to meet up with friends in the evening in my free time. At home I have a horse named Täpsi. I love to ride with him in the forest or around the farm. I also helped out at the farm for the last five years. Additionally I worked in two bakeries and a event manager. I also worked as a technical assistant. You see I enjoy to try new things and experience new opportunities. I really think that you have to take every chance you get in life. Well when I am not with my friends I like to do sport in my free time. I played tennis in my hometown club which I really enjoyed. Furthermore I like to swim (especially in the ocean) or do fitness in general. I also love to travel and I am very thankful and grateful that I had the opportunity to see so many different places around the world. At the moment I am most excited about see more of Australia and meet new people and learn more about the culture here. My family is also very important for me because I am very grateful for the assistant and support they always give me. I love to cook and to bake. That’s my food and organic food is very important for me. I love the idea of help to save the environment. For me the environment is very important because it’s so beautiful and worth it to save.

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I joined WWOOF because I would like to meet new people and experiences the real Australia. I would like to see more of Australia than just hostels and meet people except other German backpackers. I love the live on a farm and I grew up in a small town in Germany. That’s my I would love to work on a real Australian farm and find out about all the adventures on a farm. I would love to experience the real farm life with all the advantages and disadvantages. Additionally I want to meet the an know the real Australian people. Furthermore I really want to do something good for the environment and support organic farms with my work. Maybe my effort can help to make I small different and help the people who live on the farm.

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